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A short history on wine making in California

The story of wine in California begins with the story of the Spanish in California. Vineyard planting in the state began with the Spanish Franciscan Missionaries starting with California’s first mission: Mission San Diego de Alcalá in 1769. Just as palm trees were planted so there would be palm fronds for Palm Sunday, vineyards were planted […]

All about Labels: Drink Them With Your Eyes

Drink Wine, Not Labels – Dr. Maynard Amerine Despite admonishments about books and covers, for most of us, looks do indeed count. Which is why odds are that you’ve chosen the wine you’re drinking tonight based on its label. In fact, according to a recent survey, there’s an 82% chance that you picked that bottle based on […]

Amerine and the Bohemian Club

Perusing the wine labels, you might notice The Bohemian Club popping up as a place where many bottles seemed to have been consumed. (And what an astute transcriber you are.) But unless your last name ranks in a list with the likes of Bush, Eastwood or Hearst, there’s a good chance that this members-only club has been flying […]

About the Project

The labels in the Amerine collection tell the story of the growing wine industry during a pivotal time. Right now, the only way to search Amerine’s collection of historic wine labels is to flip through the hundreds of spiral-bound notebooks housed in Special Collections at the UC Davis Library.
The Label This project allows you to help us transcribe these labels to create a searchable database.
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There’s much more we want to do with the labels in the Amerine collection. To help support our digital wine initiatives, please contact Jane Fortner, Assistant Director of Development, Library and Student Affairs at (530) 752-9842 or